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“Creative Writing Ideas” & Fundraising secrets exposed

Creative Writing Ideas” & Fundraising secrets exposed


I Remember attending college before I graduated & one of the things I realized people had trouble with was creating

creative writing ideas for their college fundraising’s but i also saw people struggling to pay off their tuitions and bills.

Now i don’t know about you but i feel bills should come in like your income residually & monthly 

Am I right?….Keep Reading!

creative writing ideas

Got a big project due and having trouble getting those creative juices flowing? This is a very common predicament

affecting writers, so common that we have a special name for it: “writer’s block.” It means that you have trouble finding the right words to put on the page.


Writer’s block has been around as long as there have been writers. In fact, the famous Ernest Hemingway once said, “Writing is simple. All you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Well, we know you don’t have to cut yourself open and literally bleed, but his statement speaks to the difficult task of getting started putting words on the page.


With that in mind, did you know that there are many ways you can wedge yourself out of  writer’s block and generate creative writing ideas. Read below to learn more.


Get up and take a walk


 “Creative Writing Ideas” Secrets revealed


Sometimes, all you need is to get away from the desk and get some fresh air. Inspiration is all around us, but often

it’s just a change of scenery that is needed. Plus, sitting and letting ideas fester and fade away at your desk is not

productive. Instead, get moving and and idea might just materialize. Even jogging up and down the stairs can help.


Make a cup of coffee


Caffeine can help wake you up and get your mind going. This is a particularly effective technique if you are working

in the early morning and can’t quite wake up. An extra cup of coffee, or even espresso if needed, can help get your creative motor revving.


Work on something else


If you don’t have to finish your work quickly, you can make use of a little trick called “productive procrastination.” The

idea is that if you can’t bring yourself to attempt the task at hand, find something else to occupy your time so that you

can still be productive. Instead, you run the risk of playing Angry Birds for “just five more minutes,” which inevitably turns into five more hours.



 “Creative Writing Ideas” Still having trouble?

If all of the above methods are not effective for you, then maybe you need to try to focus your mind. Oftentimes, writer’s block is the result of a disordered, tired mind that is spinning and scrambling to find an idea. You can try a beginner’s meditation for a few minutes in order to try to reestablish order.


Do you often suffer from writer’s block? How do you get yourself unstuck? Sound off in the comments below!

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