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“Amway”? What people are not telling you

 Amway? What people are not telling you

You want to know what all the Amway hype is about & do not get distracted by my banners on the side,

I can tell you that their are many reviews but people leave out the good stuff and the flaws about the Amway scam,

I actually was Affiliated with Amway and but keep reading this article and see what the real news is all about,


Amway scam

Over the years, Amway Global Corporation has been in the cold waters of controversy, being labelled as the biggest

and the most intelligent scam ever executed in the history – so intelligent that it has become impossible to legally

prove it to be an actual scam. Another side, however, have strongly defended the name, arguing that the Amway

scam is not true and that it has not been proven wrong simply because it isn’t a scam. But whether or not Amway is

indeed a scam working under the loopholes of the law, deciding to join this type of business should be first backed

with through research and clear thinking. Here we will provide you with valuable information that you need to know

and will help you answer the question “is Amway a scam” on your own.

The “Amway scam” & what it offers


Amway is a direct-selling company that retails a variety of products through multi-level marketing techniques, most

commonly known as pyramiding. The reason as to why Amway has been known as a “network marketing scam” is

due to this pyramid structure. The structure is so designed for and Amway representative to get paid not only

through the products that you have sold but also through the sales of those whom you introduced to the company.


However, with the seemingly simple advantages of the structure, people shouting out Amway scam point out their

bases on two things; joining Amway will cost you a large amount of money, often summing up to over $500 in

registering and $250 over the succeeding months, and Amway products are tagged at very high prices, sometimes

doubling the usual amount for each type of product. Though the law doesn’t prohibit inviting an individual to pay up

the said fees and join a business only to sell overly high-priced products, the frustration of starting out in the lowest

rank of the “pyramid” makes it nearly impossible to do business, according to Amway oppositionists and former

Amway members who quit after realizing this. They argue that in order to really make profits, you need people to join your “down-line” and start selling the products.\


The “Amway scam” Secret’s out

On the other hand, Amway defenders would argue that people have been led to believe that joining Amway would

easily create profit, which is untrue. Then after realizing the difficulty of doing the actual direct-selling and recruiting,

they would quit and eventually join the Amway scam movement. They argue that the fault does not lie on the

Amway system itself, but on how it is being fed to prospective members, like saying that Amway is the right way to

easy money-making, could be done on your spare time and still earn income, and the path to real independence and your own business – all of which are generally false.


Taking into consideration the experiences of successful Amway members and those who quit Amway due to the

difficulty doing business, experts suggest that a clear perspective in this business, coupled with high-profile

connections to do business with, is necessary to actually profit from the Amway business. Otherwise, joining Amway may not be the best step at all.

ok now that you know some information here is why i stopped Amway & why it was such a huge failure, But this failure actually has now made me & my team very successful here today and here is why,

I figured out formula to working less and actually living a little more

people don’t get into this thing to work hard like a job & that’s not how it should be,

i didn’t like going to home meetings 

i didn’t like picking up a phone just to get people into my business 

i wanted to have time & freedom & have a life

Through A 3 step process i was able to duplicate with my team to have us RETIRE young.


Jamel Turner

amway scam


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