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“How to Get 360 Waves” ways that don’t suck

How to Get 360 Wavesways that don’t suck


Ridges in the hair, often called 360 waves, are a great style for to make people sea sick haha.  They’re not difficult to create and to keep but you should be prepared with the right cut and styling tools, and should also be prepared to train his hair to hold these waves.  To get 360 waves and to keep them in place, you need pomade, hair lotion made specifically for men, a brush without a handle and with stiff bristles, and a du-rag.  It’s also good to use shampoo made specifically for waves in the hair.

how to get 360 waves

Preparing the Hair


A good barber can work with men’s hair to create 360 waves, but getting a traditional Caesar cut can also give a man the shape and texture he needs.  Clippers with a 1/3-inch guard can also work, or a good razor cut can create texture.


Be sure to leave enough length to create the waves as you’ll be brushing your hair into place.  You don’t want a regular buzz cut and you don’t want to take off all your length.  The 360 waves will shorten the hair considerably, so be sure there’s at least 1/3 of an inch left after a cut.

How to Get 360 Waves” How to Get 360 Waves for Beginners

how to get 360 waves

Training the Hair


To get 360 waves, a man will need to train the hair and work with it sometimes for several days before it stays in place.  First apply some lotion after shampooing the hair, then add some pomade for thickness and texture.


Brushing technique is key to getting 360 waves.  The brush needs to be run back and forth over the hair, to the left and right, in small waves.  This pushes the hair in the right position.  It can be good to imagine a small circle on the top of the head, in the middle, and the brush is working out from this, but continuing in that circle and not just going down and back.


Once the waves are created, it’s good to wear the du-rag at least overnight, so the pomade can keep the waves in place and help to train the hair.  In some cases it may take a few day for the hair to stay in place but it needs to be brushed like this after every shampoo.



How to Get 360 Waves” Are you spinning yet?

Eventually the hair will hold the waves more naturally.  Regular styling with the use of the pomade will make it easier to hold the 360 waves over time.

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