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The “yournetbiz scam” Yea right!

The “yournetbiz scam” Yea right!


Some say Your Net Biz is a total package while others call it the yournetbiz scam.  Here is an unbiased review of

the good and not so good about the business.  After you look at the pro and cons, you can decide for yourself if it is

yournetbiz scam

yournetbiz scam

yournetbiz scam” what’s soo good about this thing

Longevity – As far as internet businesses go, YourNetBiz does seem to have staying power – it has been around

since May 2009, starting as My Internet Business.

Training – There is good training available including videos and instructions and information from some top internet


Products – New products are added to sell all the time – over 2,000 products in total.

Mentoring – Plenty of coaching and training products that are available in multiple mediums including video,audio and live calls.

Business in a Box  – It comes complete with everything you need to start a business, and you could run it exactly as it comes and maybe you could make a good income online, but there are extras such as marketing needed to really make it really successful.

Multiple Income Streams – High ticket sales income from selling the business opportunity and potential income selling digital information products with low prices.yournetbiz scam

NOT SO GOOD – Why it is sometimes called “YOURNETBIZ SCAM”

High initial investment – You can join at one of four levels, but in order to be truly successful you need to join at the platinum level which means thousands of dollars.


Takes a lot of work – While it may be a business in a box, in order to be successful it takes time and commitment just like every other business.  It is billed as turnkey, but because it is MLM, at minimum you will need to speak to your sponsor and the people you sponsor.


Time it takes to be successful – You will not get rich quick on the 4 hours a week that is touted, you need to put in lots of work and there is still no guarantee you will make money.  This is the biggest reason it is called yournetbiz scam.


Training – While it does provide good training, it is not always easy for first-timers to get up and running.  If you are inexperienced you may need to outsource some of the work.  It is advertised as an opportunity that anyone can do, but that just isn’t true.  Someone with low computer skills would suffer.


Marketing – There is plenty of training available for members to learn marketing methods, but they are still an additional cost that cuts into profits (if any).


After seeing the facts, you can decide if you think it is a yournetbiz scam.  Before deciding to join, ask yourself the following – what are you getting for your money?  How much support will you get from your sponsor?  –  How much time do you have to give to the people you sponsor?


You can see how it would quickly become the “blind leading the blind” if your sponsor was new and didn’t have the experience to help you.

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