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This May Shock You: So Watch With Caution

This Truth May Shock You: See With Caution

This Truth May Shock You: See With Caution

As your about to actually dive into the the truth and “your eyes

are glued to the words i am typing” just know this is not for

everybody & this may offend you a little lol….

….But I want you knowing the truth about what this

retired cancer survivor actually went through and what

people don’t actually know in detail so “KEEP READING”

See The truth most people don’t understand that I went through struggle

before actually being retired in my life & hell I still go through

struggles & headaches now even with the freedom lifestyle lol…

-But that just goes to show you that you don’t have to

be a genius to actually live the life you want 🙂

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~Jamel Turner
“The Survivor”


Jul 21

Cancer survivor: Gives these steps To “go viral with this simple process” & see the retired lifestyle…

Cancer survivor: Gives these steps 
To “go viral with this simple process”
& see the retired lifestyle…

 read this till the end and apply 

This free training… Don’t continue 
To read if your not serious…

Hey…I know your about to 
Get up for work ok & I understand 
You may have a busy schedule 

-due to lack of time or lack of freedom..

The minute after battling cancer 
Yes! Battling cancer>>>READ HERE<<<

….I wanted more for myself more then ever why?

I remember the pain of being BROKE…& struggling working 
At this retail store for hours 
Without freedom & 30min-1hr brakes

And the pain of seeing myself 
Work so hard for so little

-& that is why I said F*uck 
This I’m tired of this not having 

Yes! I was once In your situation 
Until I followed this process RIGHT HERE

-don’t click if you are not ready! 

& if you are I know this will

Much love

~Jamel Turner
“The survivor” 

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Jan 20

“Creative Writing Ideas” & Fundraising secrets exposed

Creative Writing Ideas” & Fundraising secrets exposed


I Remember attending college before I graduated & one of the things I realized people had trouble with was creating

creative writing ideas for their college fundraising’s but i also saw people struggling to pay off their tuitions and bills.

Now i don’t know about you but i feel bills should come in like your income residually & monthly 

Am I right?….Keep Reading!

creative writing ideas

Got a big project due and having trouble getting those creative juices flowing? This is a very common predicament

affecting writers, so common that we have a special name for it: “writer’s block.” It means that you have trouble finding the right words to put on the page.


Writer’s block has been around as long as there have been writers. In fact, the famous Ernest Hemingway once said, “Writing is simple. All you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Well, we know you don’t have to cut yourself open and literally bleed, but his statement speaks to the difficult task of getting started putting words on the page.


With that in mind, did you know that there are many ways you can wedge yourself out of  writer’s block and generate creative writing ideas. Read below to learn more.


Get up and take a walk


 “Creative Writing Ideas” Secrets revealed


Sometimes, all you need is to get away from the desk and get some fresh air. Inspiration is all around us, but often

it’s just a change of scenery that is needed. Plus, sitting and letting ideas fester and fade away at your desk is not

productive. Instead, get moving and and idea might just materialize. Even jogging up and down the stairs can help.


Make a cup of coffee


Caffeine can help wake you up and get your mind going. This is a particularly effective technique if you are working

in the early morning and can’t quite wake up. An extra cup of coffee, or even espresso if needed, can help get your creative motor revving.


Work on something else


If you don’t have to finish your work quickly, you can make use of a little trick called “productive procrastination.” The

idea is that if you can’t bring yourself to attempt the task at hand, find something else to occupy your time so that you

can still be productive. Instead, you run the risk of playing Angry Birds for “just five more minutes,” which inevitably turns into five more hours.



 “Creative Writing Ideas” Still having trouble?

If all of the above methods are not effective for you, then maybe you need to try to focus your mind. Oftentimes, writer’s block is the result of a disordered, tired mind that is spinning and scrambling to find an idea. You can try a beginner’s meditation for a few minutes in order to try to reestablish order.


Do you often suffer from writer’s block? How do you get yourself unstuck? Sound off in the comments below!

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Jamel Turner

amway scam

Jan 15

“wakeupnow compensation plan”|Hidden agenda’s revealed

wakeupnow compensation plan“|Hidden agenda’s revealed

So before joining wakeupnow you most likely want to know what is wake up now compensation plan about?..Keep Reading


one of the most attractive aspects of Wake Up Now is its compensation plan.  It is regarded by many companies to be both easy to understand and lucrative.  Wake Up Now’s compensation plan essentially can be broken down into four parts.  First, there is PV, Personal Volume.  Second, there is QGV, Qualified Group Volume.  Third, there is Sponsorship.  And fourth, there is enrollment and check matches

wakeupnow compensation plan

wake up now compensation plan |How do you get paid?

Now, to begin with to even receive a commission with Wake Up Now you must be a qualified Independent Business Owner (IBO).  The two requirements to get qualified are that you enroll as an IBO and that you achieve 90 Personal Volume (PV).  You can generate your PVs by the various monthly subscription options, silver ($24.95), gold ($64.95), and platinum ($99.95).  I am going to state this bluntly: ignore the silver and gold payment plans.  With the platinum payment plan, you will automatically generate 90 PV.  Also, using the platinum plan is also the way you enroll as an IBO with Wake Up Now.  In fact, people who have used the silver and gold payment plans have often come out rather dissatisfied and some have even accused Wake Up Now of being a scam.  The platinum plan is really the only way to go.


wakeupnow compensation plan|The basic understanding

Qualified Group Volume (QGV) is generated by the sales of the people within the organization.  As these people add more IBOs to the business or sell more products to customers, the QGV steadily increases.  This adds more bonuses and payouts for the enrolled IBOs.  There is also the sponsorship program where each enrolled business sets up their employees under an umbrella of sponsorship within the Wake Up Now structure.  Of course, you can only be eligible for sponsorship if you’ve generated 90 PV.  Finally there are the enrollment checks and matches.  If you had provided a link to a new customer or IBO, you are the one considered to have enrolled them.  Through the check matches, this adds to the compensation of the one who enrolled the new IBO or customer.

When comes down to it,wakeupnow compensation plan is designed to help you save & earn…But thats just my Experience.


Also people are ranting about the vacations aren’t  real… Click here to see what the hype is about 🙂

Also Click here to see what the wakeupnow hype is all about.

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wake up now compensation plan



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Jan 11

Wake Up Now Vacation Club Scam Exposed

Wake Up Now Vacation Club Scam” Exposed

So you probably have heard all the talk and hype about “Wake Up Now Vacation Club Scam” Exposed But is the hype true? watch with caution below.

Ok now that you get the point & see that this can benefit  you and as well your family..Keep reading.


If you haven’t heard about Wake Up Now it’s a home based business.  They offer individuals an opportunity to pay

less for travel and shopping.  When an individual signs another individual up then they will start making money.  An

individual pays monthly on different levels to be involved in Wake Up Now.  They believe that they are saving money being involved in this company.



If you are a member of this company then you should be able to save up to 50% to 90% on your travel.  They also

offer individual members different options as well.  They claim that they will get members access to different hotels,

cruises, and timeshares which could be found around the world.  They also offer you savings on your cell phone bills.


Wake Up Now Vacation Club Scam Exposed-Vacation plan 

Wake Up-Now Vacation-Club scam

Wake Up Now Vacation Club Exposed is more evident now because, You are able to find inexpensive deals on travel packages using wake up now vacation club. This thing will not only offer you air fare but they will also help you find an inexpensive hotel and car rental.



There are numerous different sites you can access for a lot of the offers that Wake Up Now is offering.  You may need a little help in finding them but they are out there.  You can find grocery coupons for free.  There is also help with retail shopping discounts.



You could even qualify for a discount on specific cell phone company bills depending on who you work for. But wake up now lives up to it’s standards & offers great services,


Wake Up Now Vacation Club Scam exposed-is it all hype?

Is Wake Up Now Vacation Club Scam Really a scam? Well considering that you get paid for traveling and you save money while doing so, All i can say if you still think its a scam..your wrong 🙂



Ok you know that wakeupnow comes with vacation discounts but their more is more…


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Jamel Turner

Wake Up Now Vacation Club Scam Exposed



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Dec 23

“Amway”? What people are not telling you

 Amway? What people are not telling you

You want to know what all the Amway hype is about & do not get distracted by my banners on the side,

I can tell you that their are many reviews but people leave out the good stuff and the flaws about the Amway scam,

I actually was Affiliated with Amway and but keep reading this article and see what the real news is all about,


Amway scam

Over the years, Amway Global Corporation has been in the cold waters of controversy, being labelled as the biggest

and the most intelligent scam ever executed in the history – so intelligent that it has become impossible to legally

prove it to be an actual scam. Another side, however, have strongly defended the name, arguing that the Amway

scam is not true and that it has not been proven wrong simply because it isn’t a scam. But whether or not Amway is

indeed a scam working under the loopholes of the law, deciding to join this type of business should be first backed

with through research and clear thinking. Here we will provide you with valuable information that you need to know

and will help you answer the question “is Amway a scam” on your own.

The “Amway scam” & what it offers


Amway is a direct-selling company that retails a variety of products through multi-level marketing techniques, most

commonly known as pyramiding. The reason as to why Amway has been known as a “network marketing scam” is

due to this pyramid structure. The structure is so designed for and Amway representative to get paid not only

through the products that you have sold but also through the sales of those whom you introduced to the company.


However, with the seemingly simple advantages of the structure, people shouting out Amway scam point out their

bases on two things; joining Amway will cost you a large amount of money, often summing up to over $500 in

registering and $250 over the succeeding months, and Amway products are tagged at very high prices, sometimes

doubling the usual amount for each type of product. Though the law doesn’t prohibit inviting an individual to pay up

the said fees and join a business only to sell overly high-priced products, the frustration of starting out in the lowest

rank of the “pyramid” makes it nearly impossible to do business, according to Amway oppositionists and former

Amway members who quit after realizing this. They argue that in order to really make profits, you need people to join your “down-line” and start selling the products.\


The “Amway scam” Secret’s out

On the other hand, Amway defenders would argue that people have been led to believe that joining Amway would

easily create profit, which is untrue. Then after realizing the difficulty of doing the actual direct-selling and recruiting,

they would quit and eventually join the Amway scam movement. They argue that the fault does not lie on the

Amway system itself, but on how it is being fed to prospective members, like saying that Amway is the right way to

easy money-making, could be done on your spare time and still earn income, and the path to real independence and your own business – all of which are generally false.


Taking into consideration the experiences of successful Amway members and those who quit Amway due to the

difficulty doing business, experts suggest that a clear perspective in this business, coupled with high-profile

connections to do business with, is necessary to actually profit from the Amway business. Otherwise, joining Amway may not be the best step at all.

ok now that you know some information here is why i stopped Amway & why it was such a huge failure, But this failure actually has now made me & my team very successful here today and here is why,

I figured out formula to working less and actually living a little more

people don’t get into this thing to work hard like a job & that’s not how it should be,

i didn’t like going to home meetings 

i didn’t like picking up a phone just to get people into my business 

i wanted to have time & freedom & have a life

Through A 3 step process i was able to duplicate with my team to have us RETIRE young.


Jamel Turner

amway scam


Dec 15

“How to Get 360 Waves” ways that don’t suck

How to Get 360 Wavesways that don’t suck


Ridges in the hair, often called 360 waves, are a great style for to make people sea sick haha.  They’re not difficult to create and to keep but you should be prepared with the right cut and styling tools, and should also be prepared to train his hair to hold these waves.  To get 360 waves and to keep them in place, you need pomade, hair lotion made specifically for men, a brush without a handle and with stiff bristles, and a du-rag.  It’s also good to use shampoo made specifically for waves in the hair.

how to get 360 waves

Preparing the Hair


A good barber can work with men’s hair to create 360 waves, but getting a traditional Caesar cut can also give a man the shape and texture he needs.  Clippers with a 1/3-inch guard can also work, or a good razor cut can create texture.


Be sure to leave enough length to create the waves as you’ll be brushing your hair into place.  You don’t want a regular buzz cut and you don’t want to take off all your length.  The 360 waves will shorten the hair considerably, so be sure there’s at least 1/3 of an inch left after a cut.

How to Get 360 Waves” How to Get 360 Waves for Beginners

how to get 360 waves

Training the Hair


To get 360 waves, a man will need to train the hair and work with it sometimes for several days before it stays in place.  First apply some lotion after shampooing the hair, then add some pomade for thickness and texture.


Brushing technique is key to getting 360 waves.  The brush needs to be run back and forth over the hair, to the left and right, in small waves.  This pushes the hair in the right position.  It can be good to imagine a small circle on the top of the head, in the middle, and the brush is working out from this, but continuing in that circle and not just going down and back.


Once the waves are created, it’s good to wear the du-rag at least overnight, so the pomade can keep the waves in place and help to train the hair.  In some cases it may take a few day for the hair to stay in place but it needs to be brushed like this after every shampoo.



How to Get 360 Waves” Are you spinning yet?

Eventually the hair will hold the waves more naturally.  Regular styling with the use of the pomade will make it easier to hold the 360 waves over time.

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Don’t be scared

~Jamel Turner

360 waves



Dec 14

Yea right! “College Fundraising Ideas” that actually work

Yea right! “College Fundraising Ideas” that actually work


you are looking to get info on how to actually raise residual income for college right? here are some very inventive ways to raise money fast. As well check out the FREE Bonus after reading the entire secret on these ideas,

Fundraising is something that is necessary for almost all organizations, but it can be especially challenging for college organizations to come up with fundraising ideas that really work. There are countless fundraising options for most college organizations, but most of them don’t work very effectively in raising the amount of funds that you need to make a difference. Selling candy or coupons are fundraising mainstays, but college organizations should look outside the box and come up with college fundraising ideas that leave more room for increased profits and better success.

In order to make your fundraiser successful, you must have a serious approach. It doesn’t matter what college fundraising ideas you come up with if you are not determined to implement a plan of action that will help you meet your fundraising goals. In most cases, the best fundraisers are those that require little manpower, but are built mostly on a great idea that has a demand. It is inevitable that you will have some success and some failures in the world of college fundraising, but you must be persistent and stick to college fundraising ideas that are inventive.

Provide a Service

College Fundraising Ideas

Yea right! “College Student Fundraising Ideas” that actually work

College fundraising can often be successful, because college aged individuals have the ability to provide services that many in the community are in need of. Instead of selling candy like little middle school students, you can offer odd jobs and get reimbursed for your hard work. In no time at all you can make a profit that can really help out your college organization. Some great options for odd jobs include moving services and car washes. These types of fundraisers often offer the most room for profit, because you are technically providing labor that results in payment. You just have to make sure that you organize properly and advertise so that people know about the services you are providing. It might add up to some hard labor, but in the end it will be worth it once you have raised enough funds for your organization.

Sponsorships Are a Great College Fundraising Tool

College Fundraising Ideas


College fundraising can be most successful if you look to team up with local businesses in your community. Most businesses will be thrilled to partner with local colleges, but you must work to convince them that your partnership can be mutually beneficial. For example, if you are looking to have a fashion show to raise money, you can go to local businesses and ask for donations to sponsor your event. Most colleges only disperse funds sparingly, so you have to build relationships with local businesses instead.

The money that you receive from your sponsors can be used to make your event even better. You can buy prizes and add drawing, which will only add to your college fundraising profits. Not only will sponsorships help you obtain the money that you need to host events, but these sponsorships can also help promote your organization in the community.

Blood Drives Help Everyone

Blood drives are a type of college fundraising idea that can help provide your organization with necessary funds and also help out the community. You can simply get a group of individuals together and donate blood for compensation. This college fundraising option can be a bit tricky if your college is not located near a donation center. However, you can always promote your blood drive and travel to the nearest location. This type of fundraiser is simple and it helps out others, because it adds to the supply of blood for individuals in need. Everyone wins with this college fundraising idea.

Eat and Earn

College Fundraising Ideas” That benefit you

College fundraising ideas that are based on cooking rarely ever fail. Almost everyone has a soft spot for cookies and sweets, but you can raise a lot of money by providing an entire meal instead of simply selling cookies. A great idea for most college organizations is to have an alumni dinner and charge $5 or $10 at the door. This will help you not only promote your college, but you can also raise the funds that you need.

Here are so many different college fundraising ideas to choose from, but the best options are relatively simple and take little man power to execute.

In This Free bonus i am about to share with you has been able to build residual income on demand through my 3 step simple process that you will learn to dominate on my team

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Still Need Help? Check out “Creative Writing Ideas” & Fundraising secrets exposed

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College Fundraising Ideas



Dec 12

“Ibotoolbox” Would You Do This?

“Ibotoolbox” Would you do This?

So you want to actually know whats this ibotoolbox thing all about I’m pretty sure  right? of course stick around and read this through & i might as well throw in a FREE Bonus well worth over 2k of secrets you clearly don’t know about.

But pay attention to this news about ibotoolbox.

tools! what? tools! from a marketing prospective we all need tools to further market ouribotoolbox scam

skills and experience but in general  “tools” will make your life much easier, I’m not talking about useless “tools”

that wouldn’t be much help at all to you now would it, I’m talking about “tools” that you can use to build ANY business

that you are in  from the ground up with no problem… like a house sitting on it’s foundation… I guess that was a

good approach but the main point is that ibotoolbox is that its a GREAT tool to add to your marketing arsenal (its intended).. and here’s why

Ibotoolbox:A social marketing success platform

after useing ibotoolbox social platform  for about 3 weeks is has been a pretty beneficial

ibotoolbox scam

and simple straightforward platform, this social network is packed with all types of marketers with differn’t life styles. its a great platform to get to know, build, even get ideas and  share with other like minded people.

ibotoolbox is getting more buzz and visitors each and everyday!

you can use Ibotoolbox to network with others, promote your business opportunity to others, but you can actually

gain “credibility” or “credits” and use the credits to acquire impression ads. These ads will  then be placed on the site

so that all of the other marketers on the platform will see your ad, click, and perhaps look into the business you have

to offer. You can either purchase or buy credits, which have cost a very small fee I should say, or earn credits by

blogging, posting a comment on your wall, signing in for the day, referring other people to the site etc…its more then

enough to keep you interested, right? But wait there’s more and it gets better. You can also view other marketers

profiles and view their info, I’m talking email, and even phone numbers on Ibotoolbox so you can even use this as a

lead generator in your eyes, also it comes with Contact Manager –  The contact manager is full of  notes, history,

email tracking, status, unlimited leads, unlimited groups, unlimited custom fields, it will even pull your contact up through Google Maps. :):)

ibotoolbox: straight to the point

This program is a great way for you to further to market yourself and your business. Wherever people lye this is a

great place to market your skills! I am positive you will find the ad feature of ibotoolbox to be pretty useful on this

site as it tracks and records how many people saw your ads and how many people actually clicked your ads. So add

this to your arsenal of tools and start mingling today! … & OH YEAH… did i mention IT’S FREE!!!

 Click here——>

 Do you really want to know how me & my team are actually able able to have 5k months  simply through my 3 step process that i will teach you… why?

Thats the benefit for being on my team so click here dammit & join my team simply because i know you want a change in your life..

oh Yea >>>FREE Bonus<<<  for you.

Jamel Turner 


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